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List Your Funeral Property for Sale/Trade

If you wish to list your propery for sale or trade, please read the following then fill in a simple email including the information below. Again we'd like to say that all dealings on these are between and among parties. We do not broker funeral properties, merely provide a venue for making them available to the public. Since we do not have the assets to verify the information listed by the seller, nor the voracity of the buyer, all transactions are left to the buyer and seller.

The listing is free, but we do request that a small donation be made to cover our costs of keeping this site up and running. To list your property, please send a brief narrative of the property to and include:

• Your name
• Number of spaces/plots offered.
• Location of property by State, City, and Cemetery Name
• Further location details within cemetery, eg. Plots #123 & #124 in Sacred Garden Section.
• Is a monument permit required and/or included?
• Current price from cemetery association: At-Need and/or Pre-Need
• Your asking price and/or, in the case of trades, location of similar property you would be willing to trade for your own.
• A phone number where you can be reached, and the best time to contact.
• Whether you'd want your phone number in the listing, or just your email address.
• Any amenities or restrictions, such as 'opening and closing included' or 'outer container included', or 'flush bronze monuments only'.
• Your postal address and e-mail address if different from the account you're using at this moment.

Once we receive your e-mail we'll be in touch if there's any questions. And, above all else,

Thank You!

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