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Donate Your Funeral Property

If you wish, you may donate funeral plots/niches/mausoleum spaces to either the Alzheimer's Research Foundation or the Funeral Help Program. Amount of donation will be the lesser of Fair Market Value, Original Sales Price, or the amount the property brings at time of sale. Donors will be provided with an acknowledgement for their records from the receiving organization.

To donate your property, please send a brief narrative of the property to and include:

• Your name
• Number of spaces/plots offered.
• Location of property by State, City, and Cemetery Name
• Further location details within cemetery, eg. Plots #123 & #124 in Sacred Garden Section.
• Is a monument permit required and/or included?
• Current price from cemetery association: At-Need and/or Pre-Need
• Any amenities or restrictions, such as 'opening and closing included' or 'outer container included', or 'flush bronze monuments only'.
• Your postal address and e-mail address if different from the account you're using at this moment.

Once we receive your e-mail we'll be in touch if there's any questions. And, above all else,

Thank You!

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